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Alumni Statements

Having gone on to pursue degrees in math and language and a career in the business consulting world, it may seem strange to think how my experience in Arrowhead’s instrumental music programs had any sort of impact. But music IS math: there is precise counting, tempo, and division involved. Music IS language: notation, key, and dynamics are left up to the musician to interpret. I have been fortunate that instrumental music and music appreciation not only continue to be a creative outlet in my life, but they also have enhanced my success in my academic and career pursuits.”

Evan Pollock ('11)



My involvement in Arrowhead's instrumental music program thoroughly shaped the person I am today. Not only did physically being a part of a larger group teach me basic teamwork skills but throughout my four years, I developed character traits I will carry with me well past high school. Simply put, Arrowhead's instrumental music program taught me discipline, perseverance, and instilled within me a confidence that can only result from a well-crafted program in which both student and educator are equally invested.


Michelle Parks ('17)

Northern Michigan University Student


Arrowhead High School's instrumental music program provided me with a variety of performance opportunities that exposed me to the world of music. Being a member of multiple ensembles helped me to better cultivate my relationships with peers and my passion for music, eventually helping me to realize that I wanted to pursue a career in music education. These musical experiences during my time at Arrowhead were vital in preparing me for my higher education studies while simultaneously helping me further define who I am in the world as a musician, educator, and lifelong learner. 

Sarah Bromberger ('12)

Music Educator


My time in the AHS band program given me so many things. However, what stands out the most was a very unique education, tailored to me. Even in a school with a large program, I was able to pursue my own areas of interest, be it marching band, jazz band, wind ensembles, or, in my case, all of the above. Not only were the bands fairly specific in repetoire, but they were set up to be working with students at a similar musical level, pursuing similar musical goals, because of the audition processes (also a great experience for students in and of itself). The bond with the teachers further enabled my chances to grow in the program. Both of the instructors knew my personality, as well as how I learned. They continued to push my abilities musically by providing me with opportunities that challenged me, and if ever some non-musical issues were happening in my personal or academic life, they were there for me. In a school, and music program, with a large student body I knew I, as an individual, was cared about and growing as best as I could in the program.


Dillon Mansour ('14)



The Arrowhead band program provided me with wonderful opportunities to learn about and participate in a wide variety of music. There was an atmosphere of inclusivity that allowed me to explore my musical interests, all while learning the technique and theory that enabled me to continue studying what I enjoy after high school. With the music theory course offered, I was able to learn the fundamentals that connected lots of my prior musical knowledge, and at the same time, dive deeper into relevant musical topics and less conventional musical approaches. All of this has given me the means to continue playing and writing music after high school.


Evan Sanden (‘17)

Augsburg University Student


Being part of the band program at Arrowhead helped to prepare me for the rigor and level of musicianship required in collegiate level music schools by playing a variety of music in different styles. In addition, it broadened my musical portfolio to prepare me well for my post-high school musical career. I was able to openly discuss music with my band instructors in ways that prompted me to take supplementary music classes such as music theory and the various ensembles that are offered in addition to large band ensembles, chamber ensembles for example, were quite beneficial to expanding my knowledge of music through different mediums. The band program was very supportive of the various outside student organizations, multiple of which I was fortunate enough to be involved in (MYSO, UWAY, etc.). In general, my involvement in the Arrowhead band program was crucial for my communication skills, and helped me to develop professional relationships that will be undoubtedly beneficial to my future career. Everyday I looked forward to what would be rehearsing and what pieces we would be introduced to for our next concert. Additionally, working with such outstanding faculty always made me want to work in the efficient and professional musical environment provided at Arrowhead.

Peyton Sandri ('16) 

Ohio State University Student

Flute Performance


Being a part of Arrowhead’s band programs taught me about the different roles I have to play in the professional world both in STEM and the Arts. Sometimes I was a leader when someone had to run an individual percussion section rehearsal. Sometimes I was a team player when our section had to work together with other sections for the good of the music. We juggle these various responsibilities between our superiors, juniors, and peers and Arrowhead Bands gave me the head-start I needed.

Noah Nethery ('14)

Florida State University Student



Being a part in the bands at Arrowhead didn’t just prepare me to study music in college. I learned how to lead small groups in sectionals, how to act professionally with colleagues on the bandstand, how to apply feedback from directors and other band members, and how to put aside my nerves and perform under pressure. AHS bands gave me the proper setting to grow and mature as an aspiring musician and as a student.


Spencer Mason ('16)

Augustana College Student

Music Performance

Saxophone on Music Sheet
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