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The Arrowhead High School Instrumental Music Curricular Program is comprised of five band classes.  Placement into these ensembles is based upon individual performance level, audition results, instrumentation needs, and the directors' recommendation.  An education and understanding of music will provide students with a lifelong appreciation of one of the world’s greatest art forms. Both part placement and ensemble auditions are essential in providing the best possible music-making environment for all students. It does not matter what chair a student sits in. It matters what that student does in the chair!

Concert Band

Symphonic Band (South Campus)

Symphonic Band (North Campus)

Wind Ensemble

Jazz Ensemble

Course Objectives:

  • Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of performance practices by showing continuing improvement in tone production, intonation, balance, articulation and bowing, technique, interpretation, fundamentals, and ensemble awareness

  • Perform quality and challenging repertoire from a variety of style periods and composers

  • Become proficient in sight-reading difficult materials through continued practice

  • Exhibit a thorough knowledge of musical construction, including musical terms, key signatures, interval construction, types of scales, musical style periods and composers, and compositional techniques

  • Prepare and perform music at a high level

  • Full band rehearsals, sectional rehearsals, concerts, and festivals are considered an extension of the classroom and a part of the curriculum. These events are graded.

  • Members of curricular ensembles (with the exception of chamber strings) will be assigned to perform at one football game for their first semester performance grade, and three scheduled Pep Band games for their second semester performance grade.


Pep Band

Every student in a curricular band will be assigned to one of four pep bands. Students are required to perform at three scheduled pep band performances (2 regular season and 1 play-off, if needed) which will be administered through the “performance” section of their second semester ensemble grade. If any team advances to the State Championship, assigned bands will be required to perform at the event, unless they have a previously scheduled commitment. Students will be responsible for season band assignments and clearing their calendar for assigned performances.  Any student who attends five or more pep band performances will be EXEMPT from the Patron of the Arts assignment.



Marching Warhawks

The Arrowhead High School Marching Warhawks are made up of approximately 100 wind and percussion members and is a voluntary, non-competitive ensemble, drawing from approximately 220 students involved in the instrumental music program. The AHS Marching Warhawks regularly perform at home football games, community seasonal parades, UW-Madison "Band Day," the award-winning Milwaukee Holiday parade, and several halftime performances in the State Football Championships at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison.


3 O’Clock Jazz Band

The 3 O'clock Jazz Band meets once a week 3:00-4:15 between October and May and is an extra-curricular, voluntary ensemble. All instruments are welcome and there is no audition necessary. In this ensemble, students focus on building musical skills within the jazz genre and develop improvisation techniques, rhythm, listening, history, and jazz combo experience. Sign up in October and be ready to swing!  Students who attend at least 85% of rehearsals throughout the year will be EXEMPT from the Patron of the Arts assignment.


Percussion Ensemble

The Arrowhead Percussion Ensemble is comprised of members of the Arrowhead Instrumental music percussion sections. This ensemble is voluntary and rehearses once a week after school beginning in November. The Arrowhead Percussion Ensemble began in 2009 and offers percussionists a chance to develop their technique and musicianship through the performance of percussion repertoire.

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