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Pep Band Participation

Every student in a curricular band will be assigned to one of four pep bands (Red, White, Blue, Black). Students are required to perform at three regular season scheduled pep band performances which will be administered through the “performance” section of their second semester ensemble grade. If any team (Varsity Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, Girls Ice Hockey, or Boys Ice Hockey) advances to the State Championship, assigned bands will be required to perform at the event, unless they have a previously scheduled commitment. Students will be responsible for season band assignments and clearing their calendar for assigned performances.  Any student who attends five or more pep band performances will receive credit for the second semester Patron of the Arts assignment.

Here are some frequently asked Pep Band Questions...

Who is included in Pep Band and the requirement?

This includes Concert Band, Symphonic Bands, Wind Ensemble, and Jazz Ensemble students. (Not strings) 

How many games are students required to attend?

All students are assigned three regular season games, and one State Championship. If the teams do not advance to a State Championship game, the fourth Pep game is not required.

Can students attend games that they are not scheduled for?

OF COURSE! Students are encouraged to attend as many pep games as they like. Students who attend 5 or more pep band performances will receive credit for the second semester Patron of the Arts assignment. 


What if my son/daughter cannot attend their scheduled Pep Game because of a prior commitment?

Students who are unable to attend a scheduled game date will need to find a replacement or "sub" to fill their spot. The sub needs to be of their same instrument (Ex: Jim plays trumpet, needs to find another trumpet to replace him). If the student finds a sub, they still need to fulfill their 3 game requirement for the full performance grade. Once a sub is found, students need to fill out and submit the PEP BAND SUB FORM at least three days prior to a game. 

What do I wear for pep games?

There is no set attire for pep band performances, but it is encouraged for students to wear Arrowhead gear to enhance the school spirit that the band provides!

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