While we are unable to host our annual Band A Rama event, we are working on an alternative way to inform incoming students and parents of the opportunities available in the AHS Band Program. We will also be livestreaming our in-person concerts on January 6 and 7 for students to view. Detailed and updated information will be communicated to Middle School Directors. 



















As a freshman, you have the opportunity to participate in:​

  • Marching Band: this group requires 2 hours of practice a week during the months of September through the first few weeks of November (depending on the football playoff schedule), along with a one week band camp in August (prior to our season). Marching band ends with the football season. Students will receive one half credit for their participation in the required summer marching band camp in August! 

  • Pep Band: the pep bands perform at select boy’s and girl’s basketball and hockey games. All students enrolled in a curricular band are also placed into one of four pep bands. 

  • 3 O'clock Jazz: this jazz band is open to all students/instrumentalists and meets after school once a week starting in October 

  • Jazz Ensemble: this ensemble is open to freshmen-seniors by audition only and rehearses every day at North Campus

  • Arrowhead Percussion Ensemble: this ensemble is open to freshmen-senior percussionists 

  • Concert Band: this ensemble rehearses at South Campus and consists of freshmen-sophomores

  • Symphonic Bands: these ensembles rehearse at North Campus and South Campus and is open to freshmen-seniors by audition only. 

  • Wind Ensemble: this is the most advanced and most demanding instrumental ensemble at Arrowhead; it is open to freshmen-seniors and is filled by instrumentation needs by audition only.

  • Chamber Strings: this is the only string orchestra class offered; it is open to 7th-12th graders and does not require an audition; meets at South Campus


Common questions: 
Can I participate in band at AHS and play sports? 
-Yes! Out of the 220 musicians in the band program, many participate in intramural, junior varsity, and varsity sports. Band students are members of the cross-country, field hockey, baseball, track, ski, tennis, basketball, lacrosse, football, wrestling, volleyball, and swim teams. 

Can I participate in both band and choir? 

-Yes! Out of all of the musicians in the band program, many participate in choir as well. We also have a few Broadway Company members in our band program. 

Does marching band take up too much time for your first year of high school? 
-No! We have yet to meet any marching band member who did not enjoy their experience in the group. Marching band provides an outstanding network of friends, is a fun way to play your instrument and provide spirit for AHS, and gives you opportunities to play in stadiums like Camp Randall. After the summer band camps, the marching band practices once on game weeks (Thursdays, 4:00-6:00). There are many students that play sports and march in the band. In addition, students in marching band earn ½ credit for each season they participate. 

What is “BBOP”? How can I help out as a band parent? 
BBOP stands for Band Booster and Orchestra Parents. The purpose of this organization is to promote and support instrumental music at AHS, recognize student accomplishments, and provide assistance to the directors at instrumental music events. This is a great way for parents to become involved in their son/daughter’s high school experience. Volunteer opportunities are listed on our website and we appreciate any assistance you can provide in your busy schedules! 

Which band should I sign up for? 
-All freshmen should sign up for “Concert Band" which is course #2915. Placements into Concert Bands, Symphonic Band, and Wind Ensemble will take place after the auditions in February. 

What are the audition requirements to be in the high school band program? 
- Ensemble placement auditions for 2021-2022 will be via video submission. Auditions are used to place students according to their ability levels while maintaining a balanced instrumentation in each ensemble. Each student’s director will also be consulted to make sure that the most informed decision can be made. For more information on auditions, visit the Audition webpage. 

AHS Fight Song - Marching Warhawks FinalAHS Marching Warhawks
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Moanin'AHS Jazz Ensemble
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Danzon no. 2AHS Wind Ensemble
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